Daily Inspirations (6-27 – 7-1)

Here are last week’s Daily Inspirations! This seemed appropriate for a Monday morning! (via http://bit.ly/jQbeLo) I think this is quite fitting after NY’s recent news! (via http://bit.ly/k5kRJv) Do epic shit! Helvetica Neue = BEAUTIFUL!(via http://bit.ly/k7Yocp) This has been one of my favorite posts all year, and quite timely for the weeks ending events! I think it is my new goal to make everything I do “AMAZING”! I mean, whats the point if it isn’t amazing?! (via http://bit.ly/iOEjmA) This was REALLY appropriate for Friday’s Daily Inspiration, but I forgot… (via http://bit.ly/j7VJFj)... Read The Rest →

Daily Inspirations (6-20 – 6-24)

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year was to find daily inspirations for every working day of the year! I probably should have started posting them on here at the beginning, but its better late than never! I’m going to try to summarize each week on here, which might be too lofty of a goal right now, but it is a goal no less! So, lets start with last week! What a happy yellow color! (via http://bit.ly/mcbftW) That old Albert Einstein was kinda smart! Love this graphic! (via... Read The Rest →

My Sketchbook has been Received!

I received notification the other day that the Art House Co-op had officially received my sketchbook! I can not wait to venture to one of the tour locations to see all of the sketchbooks! My official Art House Co-op Sketchbook page is here. I can’t wait to join this project again next year, but in the meantime, I purchased a set of Moleskine sketchbooks so that I can continue this creative thinking process! I’ll plan on keeping this updated on that progress. I hope to have a post in the... Read The Rest →

The Final Sketchbook Pages

Ok, it took me long enough to get these posted! I had this interesting idea that if something can fall from the sky, it can become a dirigible by default. So, why not attach hot air to raindrops! I wanted to play around with typography as well, so I added some hand type at the top of the page, but it was not as successful as I had hoped. Colored pencil did NOT like that textured paper! This might be one of my favorite pages in the book! I am... Read The Rest →

Drowning in Submersibles

Time’s running out, but I’m bound and determined to get this thing done, and done well! I do tend to work much better when a deadline is approaching, so we’ll see how the second half of the book goes! (yeah, second half… I’ve got a LOT to do before January 15th!) This serene setting is inspired by one of Kansas City’s local fine artists, Rich Bowman. I’ve been memorized by his use of color since the first time I set eyes on his work! Look him up! His rendition of... Read The Rest →

Dismal Delight

First of all, I have this affinity for alliteration. I find these three spreads somewhat dark and gloomy, yet curious and happy at the same time, hence the title to this post! Layer 1: clear white gesso. Layer 2: water color. Layer 3: colored pencil. Layer 4: pen and ink. Layer 5: iridescent pearl acrylic So, there are lots of layers! A few experiments included adding texture to the white gesso while it was wet, like the swirl pattern added by the end of the paintbrush, and the blotting texture... Read The Rest →

Head in the Clouds

Well, I actually worked on my sketchbook for quite a few hours last Friday! YJ’s provided a great studio! I thought I’d add a sneak preview of the next few pages. I think I’m finished with these pages. I’m pretty sure there are at least 5 layers of media on there! I’ll go into detail of my process on the next post. I started rubber cementing these cutout clouds before realizing that it might not be a good idea considering they will cause the next pages to be a bit... Read The Rest →

Dirigibles and Submersibles

Here are my first few pages of my sketchbook: This seemed to be a good way to start off, with a title page. I completed this page with Prismacolor Colored Pencils and watercolor. Mixed media is one of my passions! I love to see what I can do with several different mediums, and how they will react with one another! One of my main goals for this book is to continue to express myself through color. I LOVE it, LOTS of it! I gessoed this page prior to applying any... Read The Rest →

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